About LiZz The dragon smith

LiZz Beltz was born in Hubbard and raised in Niles, Ohio. For as long as she remembers, she always had a love for the arts. This love blossomed while watching her oldest brother make his own art and grew further with the great support from her older brother Thomas, her mother Mary, and her Step-Father Dan. Getting her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University in 2015, she chose to pursue her love of weaponry and begin taking forging much more seriously. She now works full-time as a Jeweler at Komara Jewelers during the day, and a full-time artist any other waking moment. She also has a bi-weekly podcast that she does with her friend and fellow artist Emily Kardamis called Audio Armory which can be found on iTunes that goes over the history of bladed weapons throughout the ages as well as different fantasy weapons. As she continues to play with metal and teach herself to perfect her craft, she aspires to one day be a master goldsmith as well as a master bladesmith. Until then, She enjoys hoping from art festivals to Medieval fair's and being up close and personal with each new person that passes through her makeshift shop.